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Sumo east and west

Sumo east and west

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Sumo East and West is a feature documentary about Americans in the ancient Japanese sport of sumo wrestling. The film had its World Premiere at the Tribeca . Professional sumo is divided into six ranked divisions. Wrestlers are promoted and demoted According to tradition, each rank is further subdivided into East and West, with East being slightly more prestigious, and ranked slightly higher than. There must be an ozeki, sekiwake, and komusubi on both the east and west sides. If there is no ozeki, the yokozuna holds the spot, and is given the title.

When you watch sumo on NHK, note that the gyoji stands to the south. So it's set up opposite a map: the left is east and the right is west. "Sumo East and West" is a feature documentary about the cultural changes facing Japan as more and more foreigners enter the ancient Japanese sport of sumo. For banzuke purposes, there are two rikishi holding almost all ranks. The east holder is ranked above the west holder. For match scheduling.

Because Makuuchi showcases the best of the best, focuses primarily The top two rikishi in Juryo will be ranked 1 East and 1 West respectively. American competitors are rapidly changing the ancient Japanese sport of sumo. Is this a form of cultural appropriation, or merely a form of cultural appreciation?. Sumo Style · broadcast, “Sumo is not a sport. It's a lifestyle.” Forming a semi-, Japanese illustration of a traditional sumo wrestler wearing an ornately decorated.


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