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Aion templar guide

Aion templar guide

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With their high defense and various shield skills, Templars can also inflict some serious damage on their opponents. Depending on the situation, a Templar can. I figured I'd try and build a mega thread to try and carry every question and whatnot First You've decided to play Templar (A tank) I'm so sorry. decently geared L 75 templar running = atk/ crit Plus with boss spamming skills I doubt if you could block and keep buffing.

I. Gear Equipment 1. Warhammer or Sword? First, warhammer is a 3 strike weapon while sword is 2 strike weapon. This means that for every. Do you wear AA for resist buff activating on magical bosses or templar is not capable of full dps build? (I have no more time for testing. "You're only as good as your armor." The Templar is the main tanking class of Aion with many defense increasing skills that allow for the Templar to achieve a.

Hi, 65 temp here and like in title i'm searching for templar stuff like Stigma guide, gear guide, how to pvp/pve, advantages, disadvantages, skill.


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